Melissa Hart

MH Debate.jpeg

A Republican who can win in November


• The only candidate who has won elections over and over in Democratic districts


• Candidate with a record of casting tough votes and getting results 

Jobs and opportunity

• Cut taxes to make it easier to start or expand a business in Pennsylvania—Pennsylvania can no longer maintain the highest corporate taxes 

• Ease the burden of arbitrary regulations imposed by unelected bureaucrats

• Support programs that prepare students for the jobs of the twenty-first century

• Expand opportunity zones to revitalize struggling towns and cities

Building the energy economy

• Pennsylvania is ground zero for the clean energy of the future


• We can move the United States toward energy independence while creating good, long-term jobs in Pennsylvania, reducing utility 

• Take Pennsylvania out of the Regional Gas Initiative

• Roll back Pennsylvania’s gas tax, which is the highest in the country

Renewing education

• Schools and students alike benefit when families can choose the schools they think best for their children


• Pennsylvania’s school districts need to be able to set priorities for their districts without being hamstrung by state mandates

• Our citizens need relief from soaring property taxes—a relief that can only come from effective leadership in Harrisburg

Protecting human life

• Pennsylvania needs to do everything possible to protect the most vulnerable in our society


• Melissa has an unbroken record of standing up for the unborn in Harrisburg and Washington

Safeguarding the Second Amendment

• Both the federal and the state constitutions guarantee the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms


•Melissa will oppose any effort to roll back our liberties, and block attempts by cities to impose illegal restrictions of their own

Respecting our veterans

• As the daughter of a veteran herself, Melissa knows how important it is that we keep faith with those who have served our country


•Pennsylvania should be leading the country with programs to support our veterans and help them use their talents to make their communities stronger

A proven reformer

• Government cannot work without public confidence in its working—transparent government and open records are vital to rebuilding that trust

• Restore public confidence in our elections


• Insist in the highest ethical standards for my Administration


• Abolish the outdated State Store system